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The Heritage Difference

Heritage Luxury Homes are always a masterful collection of details coupled with our own strict quality design standards. Our commitment to quality is uncompromized, and the materials we use are of the highest quality in the industry.

Discriminating consumers in today´s competitive marketplace are looking for a new home that has outstanding quality craftsmanship, the latest 21st century amenities, innovative design and impeccable attention to detail. All of these features can be found in the homes built by Heritage Luxury Homes.

What distinguishes Heritage Luxury Homes is that we include many key features that other builders simply do not. Here are only some of the special features that distinguish us from the rest:

Special Exterior Features / What is included in Heritage house:

Special Interior Features:



What makes you different as a builder?

Several factors set us apart from the rest.

First, our reputation for excellence is unparalleled. We build each home with the highest level of craftsmanship using only the best materials and finishes at every step along the way. Nothing is taken for granted – every detail receives its required attention.

Second, the value realized from ownig a Heritage Luxury Home is unmatched. Lifetime guaranteed kitchen cabinetry, extended appliance warranties, complete landscaping and hardscaping, a fully equipped commercial-grade movie theater, a natural gas fueled backup power generator, and a temperature controlled wine cellar are only a few of the standard features included in every Heritage Luxury Home.

Third, no other luxury home builder can match the speed with which we construct our homes.

Why is speed of construction important?

Limiting the amount of time that building materials are exposed to Chicago area weather elements significantly reduces the amount of moisture absorbed. A home constructed in less than one full seasonal weather cycle will experience significantly less cracking, millwork separation, and overall settling than a house constructed over a much longer period of time. Typcally, we complete our projects (from demolition to final inspection) in 7-10 months.

Additionally, time is money. The longer construction lasts, the higher the overall carrying costs of a project. As a premier custom home builder, we value your money.

What sort of warranty comes with a new Heritage Luxury home?

Each Heritage Luxury Home comes with a full 1 year builder´s warranty on everything related to the construction and landscaping of the house. Further, all appliances in your home come with an extended 4 or 5 year service warranty – something unmatched by others in today´s luxury home market.

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